Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some things get better with age

It's true - some things get better with age. Cheese. Wine. Rookie Baseball Cards. But other things do not. Moldy Cheese. Opened Wine. Dead squirrels. Dead rats. Pretty much anything dead. Like this blog.

I just had a friend point out that my blog was a bit inactive. Inactive being a polite word for dead. Dead things are about as inactive as things get. Except for MOSTLY dead things - they still have a chance. So, on the premise that I'm only mostly dead, here goes, let's kick off some cobwebs.

First off, I can reassure you that I haven't been dead. (I'll assume you've figured that out by now.) I haven't even been dead digitally - I've just been woefully neglecting this blog. I've been neglecting other digital assets off and on, but I've been less neglectful of them than this blog, so if you're dying to catch up, you can head over to these places. (I know, there are ways to add these as links over on the right, like I already did for Twitter, but if I made you wait for me to do that, it might be December before this post gets published.)

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So, why the sudden decision to start posting again after 10 months? Well, it turns out that my new position at my job actually involves some web stuff, some infrastructure stuff, some HTML research. All of which can either feed into this, or, more likely, I can use this blog as a testing ground for my real work. So, expect to see broken widgets, screwed up HTML and other shenanigans.

Oh, and also because for some strange reason visitor started coming to my site in April. Traffic is up 20% and I feel bad for those folks.