Monday, September 14, 2009


First, I am fully aware that abandoned blogs outnumber active blogs by a factor of 106:1. If you think that figure is overly and unbelievably precise, then you don't really know me that well. That's OK. The hope is that after a couple months, all will become apparent. But as far as the precision goes, it does not really matter. This is the Internet. It just has to sound precise. And it does. And it has to be roughly believable. And it is. So, following those rough principles, I can say pretty much whatever I want. And those of you who do know me, know that I do just that. But miraculously (and I honestly have very little insight into this particular miracle) I end up being right an impressive portion of the time. And besides, in this Stephen Colbert-inspired world of "truthiness", once something is sufficiently believable, you can always back fill the truth via edits on Wikipedia or a dozen other sites.

So, in an effort to avoid becoming one of those abandoned blogs, I am going to pace myself. I am setting myself the goal of one post a month to start out with. I have a whole backlog of crazy to try to document, from the wonderful story of the origin of my name, to by obsession with eating Peeps, to ridiculously overblown Halloween costumes, and much more. I have just barely started to brainstorm and I'm already set into next year.

Regardless, I have found that many (but not all) people are both fascinated by the inane things that I get up to as well as openly stunned by the sheer lunacy of them. And I am not talking lunacy in the sense of strapping a rocket to a skateboard and setting a land speed record. I am not that brave. Nor lunacy in the sense of building a house of out plastic bottles or a life size scale model of a blue whale out of Lego's. I am not that committed. I am talking about the always percolating level of lunacy that is just below the boiling point but never actually comes to much. A great example might be my hatred of the penny. Sure, I might print a two-side tri-fold pamphlet and try to create a Penny Awareness Day to rally people over to my side, but it is not all consuming and, frankly, never amounts to much. But, if you are talking to me and fall short of something to say, you can always be sure that if you quote some recent news about the penny, I can be counted on to hold up my end of the conversation for the next 20-30 minutes.

So, if you have a favorite bit of lunacy that you never got the full story on, please let me know and I will add it to my list. Otherwise, stay tuned. I will try to bring the crazy into your lives.


Stacy said...

haha! I was going to comment on here, that I was an author of one of those abandoned blogs, but it looks like you found out on your own.
Maybe if I had been inspired to write about eating dolphins I could have kept it going, LOL.

John Hutt said...

Target banner add -- nice.