Thursday, October 15, 2009

M. Night Shyamalan Movies Ruined in 5 Words or Less.

The Sixth Sense - Bruce Willis is dead
Unbreakable - Samuel Jackson is a super-villain
Signs - Water kills aliens
The Village - It is modern day
The Happening - Plants make people kill

Some might argue that this doesn't actually ruin the movies. M. Night ruined them himself. All I am doing is saving you 90 minutes. You are welcome.


Unknown said...

a) thanks for saving me 5 hours.

b) where were you before I saw 6th Sense?

c) no thanks for making me interested in seeing Unbreakable for the first time ever

Todmund said...

I have to say that I ranked the movies in chronological order (skipping a couple movies that don't fit the you-never-saw-it-coming-except-that-you-really-did motif), but they are also ranked in terms of how much I liked them, with The Sixth Sense at the top and The Happening at the bottom (way, way at the bottom). That said, you might actually enjoy Unbreakable, relatively speaking

John Hutt said...

Hyphen or not, super-villain is two words.

Anonymous said...


Todmund said...

Here's a break down of each movie in WAY more than 5 words.

Anonymous said...

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